It's all about people and ideas…

You can have the most wonderful, sculpted processes and systems in the world, but is that going to develop a culture of innovation in your company?  No, because you need great people who have great ideas.  These people will develop great stuff either because of, or despite, any systems you have in place.

This post on the Idea Champions weblog highlights the fact that any company’s role should be to allow it’s people

“Organizations do not innovate. People innovate.  Inspired people. Fascinated people. Creative people. Committed people.  That’s where innovation begins. On the inside.

The organization’s role — just like the individual manager’s role — is to get out of the way…  it is important to remember that systems, processes, and protocols are never the answer. They are the context, not the content.”

Don’t bog people down with process, free their thinking instead.