Slidecasting – never present in person again…

I found the other day just pootling around the web, and I’m very glad I did: it’s essentially a site to host and share your powerpoint presentations, either publically or privately.  Which in itself is brilliant as a resource for interesting slides, or just sharing presentations with a select group of colleagues and clients and so on.  But it gets better.

Because not only can you upload your slides, you can record an MP3 of you presenting it, and then phase the slides in time with your audio presntation, so very quickly building an audio-visual story for anyone who wants to see it.  Here’s one I’ve done for the IPA Excellence Diploma I’m doing… (turn the volume up for some dulcet Scottish tones…)

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It’s fast, easy and a much better idea than emailing presentations.  I expect I’ll be doing quite a few more…