What happened, Thom?

Last year, the world gasped as Radiohead ripped the music market model asunder, with MP3s for free, and box sets for £40.  I opted for the later.  It’s a beautiful thing:


And now?  As soon as they strike a deal with a record label (yes, a passionate, artist loving, music fan label, but a label nonetheless…), they do this: You can get the separate ‘stems’ (i.e. separate tracks featuring just the vocals, or the guitars, or whatever) for the new single ‘Nude’… but you have to pay nigh on a fiver for them. 

And, if you were really into remixing, you’d want all the guitar tracks separate, as opposed to just all lumped in together… it’s not how you’d start remixing properly.  If it was all the proper separate stems, then ok, but this half hearted effort… no, just no.


…it smacks of lazy, label, money led thinking; the wrong product
for the wrong audience at the wrong price.  I’m REALLY FUCKING DISAPPOINTED.