The physical world…

I’m doing the “IPA Excellence Diploma”, which is, by and large, excellent; the knowledge it gives you/lands crashing down on your head is phenomenal.  If you ever get the chance, grab it with both hands.

The reading list is, to say the least, extensive… here’s the newly set-aside bookcase at home dedicated to it; books, folders, the lot:


…although the animals don’t come with the course (shame!).

But it’s nice having the physical books there, because they might, just might, remind me to pick them up again once in a while, and learn something new.  If I had digital versions, would I browse through a folder to see what I have?  Probably not.  I don’t with MP3s, I raid the CD racks instead…

I guess whichever part of my brain that deals with ‘things wot I own’ is built for analogue.  I wonder if the MP3 generation would alos be happy with a folder full of digital books?