Current TV / Not so current poster

Now, take a look at the poster below for Current TV from the underground at <st1:street w:st=”on”><st1:address w:st=”on”></st1:address></st1:street>Old Street…




Looks fine at first glance, images of stories that Current TV obviously has playing, and pictures of the people who produced the films beside them. Grand, nice.

But if you’re there, and keep looking, you notice something amiss… I’ve highlighted it here in ‘lightsabre red’…


They’ve painted over some of the poster with black paint, it would seem. Some of the programs they had on the poster are no longer relevant however many days later.

‘Not so Current TV’… or something equally pithy.  But a serious point to make – if you put communications out there that you can’t change, you’d better make sure that they’ll still be true a few weeks later…