Yes, moofing. Really. Because despite the naming which imbues it with all sorts of euphemistic possibilities, it stands for Mobile Out of Office… essentially people who’re working somewhere other than the office. <o:p> </o:p>

I believe, if there were a dictionary definition, that it would refer to activities that you do with equal ability and speed when you’re away from the office, so I don’t think it refers so much to spending three hours typing emails on a Crackberry, but rather using a laptop to write documents, access your desktop remotely, and the like.<o:p></o:p>

In further research it appears that it’s a term coined by Microsoft, who built a tree-office in Pimlico to launch it…


…I’d like working in a tree, that’d be great. Maybe the squirrels would help out, bringing energy-boosting tasty nut snacks every so often.

<o:p></o:p>Anyway, I guess if moofing really is taking off (the prevalence of mobile broadband and wi-fi offerings suggests it is) then if you’re trying to target business people, they’re not going to be chained to desks in big office blocks anymore, they could well be hanging out somewhere they’re much more available to engage in conversation…

What else do they need when they’re out and about?  Free coffee vouchers?  IT support & tips?  Someone else to bounce ideas off?  Something a brand you work on can provide?

For now, though, I’m off moofing (nope, it still sounds weird…)