We help you make things people want, rather than make people want things.

Smithery is an independent Strategic Design Practice, set up by John V Willshire in 2011.

We help organisations take an active role in shaping their futures as they look out over an uncertain landscape. This involves learning to perceive and understand new realities, sparking appropriate internal innovation, and acting on these instincts to make real change.

We help you think broader, for longer.

Since 2011, we have developed our unique practice informed by a cross-section of modern ways of thinking and creating.

We can help you and your team in a huge variety of ways, operating in the spaces in-between established disciplines to find highly effective new ways of working.

Systemic Sensibilities

Reveal the complex connections around your current model

Innovation Frameworks

Structure models to support better decision-making

Futures Thinking

Explore longer term implications of possible scenarios

Information Design

Communicate your vision and direction to all stakeholders

What Strategic Design Delivers

Our approach will help you build a better future for your organisation. This work can span the initial research phase, the design and testing of new interventions, through to the launch of new initiatives.

Broaden your worldview

Create a better picture of the connected and complex factors around your organisation

Reveal opportunities for action

Shape prototypes and probes that help identify new, potentially potent directions

Shape a vision for transformation

Tell a credible story that captures the best of your past, and make the most of your future

Change the decision-making culture

Reframe how problems are approached, researched and resolved by teams

Build durability for uncertain times

Set up experiments that will thrive in complexity rather than succumb to it

Deliver resilient, long-term solutions

Build out new efforts that are truly future-facing rather than reliant on past echoes

Exploring together

Get in touch to share the problems your organisation is facing,
and find out how we might be able to help.