Universal Agility Map

Over the past three years, ongoing work and research has led us to create a new model for understanding design projects from the widest possible standpoint. This model, the ‘Universal Agility Map’, takes time off the x axis of a design process, and instead splits to two different types of action: do you want to improve or share?

Improve means you have a complete set of information – you know enough about what’s not in your current iteration to feel you can and should build the next version. Share means that you know that there’s either qualitative or quantitative information you need from people to what’s in front of you, so you want to get bring that information into process as quickly as you can.

By taking clients and students through this method of working, we start to develop a way to see all possible design paths for a project, but within a useful enough framework to start comparing and contrasting approaches and experiences of participants

It becomes a frame for not just reflecting on the projects you’ve been through, and identifying the different factors and tactics which are successful or otherwise, but also for really questioning things like the composition of the team’, or the appropriate design tools to use at different stages.

We have used this in a variety of different ways over the past few years, from short workshops to guiding out own client work.

Watch this talk to understand the whole process, and see how it might help you: