Hybrid Design Worlds

At the Saïd Business School, Univeristy of Oxford, their flagship course is the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme (OSLP), a week long course for business leaders from all around the world.

One of the most interesting things is the mix of the cohort; both private and public sector, old economies and new, established and insurgent sectors. A crucial part of the learning is that you do it side-by-side with these other leaders; it’s not the sort of course that could be replaced with MOOCs.

We teamed up to investigate what sort of space the internet could be used to create around and after learning experiences like this, rather than before and instead of.

We created an experience for the cohort to create a very special key, a seal on the container of learning. On the outside, it is a beautiful brass key, a tactile memory to take home from the learning space, to continually remind the participants of what they learned during the week. It become social object, a way to begin to tell others of their experiences on the course.

It is a connective object that helps transfer knowledge. But it was also connected to the shared digital space, containing words, pictures, movies… the sum total of the group experienced that they’d captured on the way through.