Rapid Client Innovation

We started working with Konica Minolta’s new European Innovation Team in London in 2015, pursuing a realistic and practical vision for the future of the workplace. Together we’ve worked on a programme of activities to help them develop new products, services and partnerships.

Our first major project was to help create an immersive workshop for Konica Minolta employees and clients in Barcelona alongside the Gartner IT expo, and explored six keys themes for the workplace of the future (the video below shows some highlights from the event).

We designed a format and the relevant delivery mechanisms for the Innovation team to present various different futures based on certain types of technology, which they would then invite the clients at the event to create speculative applications for those technologies in the future.

This session gave the Innovation team a high speed, productive way to engage with many clients concurrently, and begin to gather information on their customers medium-long term needs in a collaborative forum.

Our first innovation forum with clients and leading edge partners from Konica Minolta BIC Europe on Vimeo.