Creating New Products

As well as working with our clients on improving their products and services, we work on making things we believe are useful not just in our own practice, but for other people too.

The most successful of these so far has been Artefact Cards. Started as an in-house experiment to solve a problem in a particularly series of workshops, Artefact Cards have become a standalone success story, transforming the way that people work across the world.

They are a brilliant tool for anyone who works with ideas. The cards and pen are designed for a perfect, subtle balance of quality and usability. People are more inclined to craft better ideas on Artefact Cards, because the cards feel that they should have something great on them.

Once you have ideas on the cards, you can keep moving, shuffling, stacking, dealing and matching them. You can continually create new context and combinations for your different ideas and elements. People understand intuitively how to play with ideas like this, as it’s just like a deck of playing cards.

Finally, once you’re ready to go, you can pack the ideas away in the unique Artefact Cards box, and carry around your work in something the size of a pack of cards. When you’re ready to unpack the project again, it’s ready to spring back out onto a table, your desk, in a coffee shop, on a train, in an airport… wherever you happen to be.

Head over to the Artefact Cards shop to find out more and try them for yourself.