Our Work

Smithery is a Strategic Design Unit, founded in London in 2011. We help companies Make Things People Want, rather than Make People Want Things. We form antidisciplinary teams for projects, working across Strategy, Design, Culture and Prototyping.

Our core team are John V Willshire and Helen Willshire. We operate at scale with a team of brilliant partners, assembled to solve your problem depending on the task at hand.

We start with prototyping, quickly developing compelling new ideas for products and services, using a variety of materials and techniques. The first round of exploration, making provocative futures which help you ask “will it be this, or more like that?”.

We then might look at the design angle, but rather than approach this on our own, we encourage clients to form teams with us. Together, we go about designing better situations and environments for your team to design in, help build up and improve the resolution in your ideas, and take them from prototype stage into becoming something truly valuable.

Part of our work might be around your culture. By helping you change the wider practices, habits and mental toolkits that people in your organisation can use, helps the whole business thrive. We do this through mentoring, team development, organisational design and work flow analysis.

Finally, we’re driven by a love of strategy. Balancing the understanding of people inside and outside of your organisation, and the products and services you create and supply, in order to find the practical vision that helps you make a real difference.

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